Koala Workshop Ready Degreaser 20Lt


Koala Workshop ready degreaser is a versatile degreaser for use in industry. Ready for use, water-based formulation. Tackles grease in the presence of high grime loadings. Inhibits ferrous metal corrosion. Will not affect plastics and rubber. Non-flammable. Fully biodegradable


• Ready to use
• Non-flammable, water-based
• Exhibits excellent detergency
• Inhibits ferrous metal corrosion
• Solubilises grease, oil, fat and waxes
• Effective at high dilution levels
• Fully biodegradable
• Number one choice in workshops, garages and for home handyman
• Superior cleaning, yet safe and economical
• Tackles grease in the presence of high grime loadings
• Will not affect plastics, rubber or unreactive metals
• Suitable for spray, foam or brush application
• Free from harmful petroleum solvents, aromatic compounds and corrosive alkalis
• Pleasant to use, no strong solvent vapours
• Water miscible for greater economy and convenience.

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